Relaxed working environment thanks to effective blinds and glare protection

Visual comfort is the basis for an efficient and performance-enhancing working climate. Computer screens and office workplaces require good glare protection (see regulation for computer workplaces, workplace ordinance). However, visual contact to the outside world should be maintained.

Glare caused by direct incidence of light as well as disturbing light reflections damages performance and - in the long run - health. Screening off day light completely is however not reasonable for energy saving purposes and because it will cut off visual contact to the outside world.

The use of fabrics appropriate to the situation and to the intensity of the light will provide interior sun protection. The European Standard EN 14501 helps the selection by classifying the fabrics in

  • glare protection classes from 0 (very little glare protection) to 4 (very high glare protection) and
  • visual contact levels from 0 (low visual contact) to 4 (very good visual contact)

The Verotex collection has the appropriate fabric for each situation - we will be happy to advise you.