Warmth and energy effectiveness in summer and in winter

Thermic comfort in rooms and buildings is the basis for wellbeing and satisfaction in the work place and thereby contributes to efficient working routines. In order to meet the requirements of thermic comfort, pleasant room temperatures must be guaranteed both in summer and in winter. Excessive heating, cooling or considerable temperature fluctuations in rooms/buildings must be avoided. In view of the required energy saving, active heating and cooling measures must be avoided as much as possible.

In addition to modern insulating glass, interior sun protection can significantly enhance thermic comfort. And this both in summer and in winter.
In particular, using metalized fabrics from our VEROGLIM® product group with high light reflection and low emissivity (low E), the interior sun protection contributes a significant part to reduce

  • the total solar energy transmission (gtotal) in summer as well as
  • the loss of heat through the insulating glass in winter (or on cool nights).

Hence, in addition to regulating the temperature in particular in professional buildings with modern glass facades the system has furthermore a high energy saving potential.

  • Saving cooling energy in summer by regulating the heating of rooms and buildings
  • Saving heating energy in winter by reducing the loss of heat thanks to insulating glass

A thermic comfort that improves work and living climates, that saves costs and preserves the environment.