Interior blinds and sun protection

We produce the FABRIC for the intelligent design of your installations.

Diversity in design and function.

High quality standard.

We have been successful internationally for many years

More than 30 years ago we had the idea of developing a fabric to be used as vertical slats and blinds which give sun protection a new dimension and at the same time improve the existing quality level.

A classic textile at first sight. A new fiber from the Trevira range inspired us. The idea is reflected our company name: VEROTEX

The success of our products is not only based on the versatility of possibilities and features but also on the high quality level which characterizes the VEROTEX product range.

For many years we have been working according to the highest international quality criteria, which is confirmed by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Already during the development and production of our fabrics, we attach great importance to sustainability and environmental compatibility. All VEROTEX fabrics are certified according to Oekotex Standard 100.

This is our basis to continually meet and care for our customers’ satisfaction.

Premium fabrics

for perfect blinds and sun protection

VEROTEX produces textiles for interior blinds and sun protection to be used as vertical slat, blind, panel curtain, pleated blind and other elements of decorative interior design.

With very high standards in sustainability, quality, function and design, we focus on custom-made products. We are a creative, dynamic and competent partner that aims at developing individual solutions.

For VEROTEX, the idea of creating the perfect light is as old as the company itself. High-quality fabrics for interior blinds and sun protection have arisen from this idea and made us world-wide a top address in the field of sun protection textiles.

Premium quality, highest functionality and design competence are the bases of our work as a family-owned business in its second generation.

High Tex made in Germany

The production of high-quality and challenging textiles for interior sun protection is one of the core competences of VEROTEX AG. With its premium brand VEROSAFE®, VEROTEX has set standards for high-quality, functional sun protection textiles. The primary focus of our production is on the permanent qualities of our flame-retardant TREVIRA CS.

As a strong partner of our clients and suppliers, the philosophy of our company is to focus on new developments, a high quality standard and first-class service.

A close and collaborative cooperation with important research and test institutes guarantees targeted developments and comprehensible technical data of our textiles.

Quality and environmental policy of VEROTEX AG

In order to fulfill the objectives of the company, i.e. the long-term safeguarding and expansion of its market position, the maintenance of employment and the maintenance and expansion of revenues, the management of Verotex AG has agreed on the following environmental policy:

The quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001 and the environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001 is an integral part of all entrepreneurial processes with the objective:


To maintain permanent client satisfaction.

Products: Our services embody dependability and functionality. Product development is our responsibility and is effected in collaboration with clients and suppliers.

Quality: Client satisfaction is the highest objective of our quality policy. This can be seen in the competence of our services, our punctuality as well as the flexibility with which we fulfill the wishes of our clients.

Clients: Our company supports its clients through competent advice in the design and planning of technical manufacturing processes.  Thus we can process the order in a client-oriented manner.

Staff: The quality of work results is the responsibility of each of our employees. Highly motivated and qualified employees allow for customer-oriented and quality-conscious work. Our management encourages the training and further education of our employees.

Continuous improvement/trouble shooting: We want to ensure the quality of our products not by repair but rather by avoiding errors at an early stage.  The quality management system helps us in the continuous improvement of our processes and procedures and in reducing our costs.

Suppliers: We work only with suppliers who are ready to support our objectives on a partnership basis and without reservations.

Environment: Through future-oriented, quality-promoting and environmentally friendly investments, we want to fulfill the increasing demands of our clients and of the market.

Laws: We commit ourselves to respecting the existing laws and regulations. We are responsible for the monitoring of facilities, products, emissions and waste management. Measures recognized as necessary will be tackled without delay on our own initiative without legal obligation or official requirements.

Code of Conduct

Verotex AG declares itself to be a supporter of social responsibility. Therefore we are committed to the „Code of Conduct of the German Textile and Fashion Economy“ which has been developed from the Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry (t+m). This is a voluntary instrument and the guide to all our business dealings which always and in ist core stays abreast of the company's social responsibility.

Find at „Documents / General Information“ the „code of conduct“ concerned (in german and english)