Optimal resonance time – the right tone in the office

In offices and administrative buildings, verbal communication is in general at the forefront. Room acoustics is thus an important element for good speech comprehensibility and uniform sound pressure level. In particular, in conference rooms and big offices, good room acoustics enhances wellbeing and clear sound image.

The quality of room acoustics is largely defined by resonance time. A long resonance time affects negatively speech comprehensibility as well as people performance.

Window treatment fabrics that absorb sound can make significant improvements.  The effectiveness of the sound absorbing, resonance time reducing function is described by the a-value of a fabric which is determined in the echo chamber in compliance with the DIN ISO 354 standard.

Each fabric has specific, frequency-dependent acoustic characteristics. The optimization possibilities of room acoustics differ according to the situation from room to room.

Verotex offers in its collection diverse, certified fabrics which can contribute significantly in improving room acoustics.