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VEROTEX AG Bahnhofstr. 38 • 95236 Stammbach • Tel.: 09256 / 9601-0 • Fax: 09256 / 9601-11 • info[at]
VEROTEX - is standing for textile expertise in the interior sun protection.

The collection is divided into 4 product groups, to which more than 40 single articles with their respective individual color range are attributed. The expert VEROTEX team is constantly striving, by the selection of the material, the methods of production, the finishing processes and the optical design, to offer fabrics which are meeting the topical demands of the market and which are suitable for setting a course.
We from VEROTEX always consider ourselves as being obliged to maintain a high quality standard and to document it. We interprete the statement “made in Germany” very closely.

Fabrics for decorative sun protection systems